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Synopsis for "Fall From Grace, Part Four: Conflict"

A Flashback shows Harry Kenkoy proving his worth to Lord Lord Daito (Main story and flashback), Bisento, and Tekagi, earning him membership into The Snakeroot Cult (Main story and flashback) and the codename "Budo". Present day: Siege and Daredevil prevent The Hand ninjas from retrieving Bisento. Bisento informs them that Snakeroot has used the bio virus to create Erynys. Venom kidnaps Bisento but Bisento refuses to tell him where the virus is. Daredevil convinces Venom that he doesn't need the virus and therefore Bisento, so Venom retreats, leaving Bisento. Bisento reveals to them Snakeroot's hideout and that Erynys is the embodiment of {{|Elektra}}. Then, immediately what appears to be Elektra attacks Bisento, exposing herself to them.

Meanwhile at the Snakeroot HQ, Budo and his associates try to get Eddie Passim to reveal the location of the virus.


  • Page 31: letters page is called Redlines. Readers talked about Scott McDaniel's new style, marvel said the style change was designed to mimic Erick Larsen's use of black when sketching Spider-Man. A Reader compared Dan Chichester's writing to being close in quality to Frank Miller's. A Reader complained about the new Daredevil costume, saying it's worse than the cyborg Batman at the time. There was also anticipation of Daredevil's evil Doppelganger from the Infinity crossover. Only 1 letter seemed to show excitement towards the return of Elektra.

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