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Appearing in "To Squash a Beetle!"

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Synopsis for "To Squash a Beetle!"

After a brief battle against the Beetle and his hired thugs, Daredevil is defeated by his opponents and bound. En route to Expo '67, where the Beetle plans on unmasking Daredevil on national television, the Beetle explains how he was once Abner Jenkins, tired of the unrewarding job of a minor inventor, the Beetle built his armor to reap the benefits of being a costumed criminal.

Taken to the Expo, Daredevil allows himself to be carried onto a stage and put on display by the Beetle buying himself time to loosen his bindings. Daredevil bursts free at the critical moment, battling the Beetle on live television. During the fight Foggy lends a hand to help Daredevil, and DD manages to best the Beetle and his hired thugs before turning them over to the Mounties.

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