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Quote1.png I'm afraid I out-smarted myself when I took on a third identity -- that of my own "twin brother", Mike! I never dreamed it would lead to such embarrassing complications! Now, my partner and best friend thinks I'm a coward and the girl I love has lost all respect for me! It's lucky I can make it as a super-swinger -- 'cause as a diplomat, I'm one big washout! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Daredevil Dies First!"

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Synopsis for "Daredevil Dies First!"

The regular workday at Nelson and Murdock is interrupted by the unwelcome arrival of the Trapster, who has come to the law office seeking legal advice -- by force. The Trapster demands to know how to get away with murder when the body isn't found, stating that after getting defeated by the Fantastic Four so many times, the Trapster is going to go after "easier" prey, and kill Daredevil. Not giving him any usable advice, Trapster claims that he knows how to get rid of Daredevil and leaves.

Having been tipped off to the Trapster's plan, Matt changes into Daredevil and goes after the crook and is getting the upper hand until the Trapster places a number of anti-gravity discs on Daredevil's body to send him into the upper atmosphere to die.

Disguising himself as Daredevil, the Trapster manages to get into the Baxter Building and subdue the Invisible Girl before setting a bomb in the building to destroy the FF. Freeing himself, Daredevil manages to land himself to safety, before heading to the Baxter Building to see what sort of danger the Trapster has put into place for the FF to stumble upon.

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