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Quote1.png We had a rather sticky time of it, gents! Quote2.png
Daredevil, on saving Invisible Girl

Appearing in "The Name of the Game Is Mayhem!"

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Synopsis for "The Name of the Game Is Mayhem!"

Entering the Baxter Building, Daredevil saves the Invisible Girl from a bomb planted by the Trapster. After explaining the situation to Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch, the Torch tries to go after Trapster, but Daredevil tells him to get back and let him handle the crook. As DD battles Trapster across the city, Foggy prepares to run for district attorney, and as he celebrates he receives a call from Debbie Harris who is out of prison and wants to see Foggy again.

Meanwhile, DD manages to keep the upper hand against the Trapster, however their fight sends the Trapster's glider crashing into a subway entrance. Coming around on the tracks, Daredevil revives to the sound of armored footsteps coming towards him. Those footsteps, he soon learns, belong to Dr. Doom!

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