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Quote1 I can see at last! Trapped inside Doom's body, his eyesight is mine! Quote2
Doctor Doom (Matt Murdock/"Victor von Doom")

Appearing in ""The Living Prison!""

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Synopsis for ""The Living Prison!""

Trapped in Dr. Doom's body, Daredevil is locked away in a cell in the Latverian embassy while Dr. Doom (In DD's body) goes to seek revenge on the Fantastic Four. Getting out of his cell by tricking the guards into thinking he's really Dr. Doom, DD tries to warn the FF. When this doesn't work he sets Doom's guards to attack "Daredevil", however, this plan backfires when Doom convinces his men who he really is and sends them to attack Daredevil. However, DD uses Doom's diplomatic immunity to have the local police arrest them. DD then realizes the best way to stop Doom is to warn the FF.

Elsewhere, Foggy prepares for his date with Debbie Harris when he spots her talking to DD, who pushes her away, Nelson unaware that it's really Dr. Doom inside DD's body gets mad that DD would treat Debbie that way. The real DD confronts Doom and gives him a radio transmitter telling him he found the perfect way to get Doom back. Returning to the Latverian embassy, DD orders the Latverian army to attack all other countries on its boarders. Realizing what DD has done, Doom returns to his embassy and reverses the process to stop his country from starting war. Back in his own body, Daredevil destroys Dr. Doom's machine. Admitting defeat, Doom allows Daredevil to go free.

However after DD leaves, Dr. Doom uses a voice modulator to call the FF in an imitation of DD's voice, and warns the FF that Dr. Doom plans on attacking them disguised as Daredevil, a threat the FF take for real this time. This story is continued in Fantastic Four #73.

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