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Quote1.png I was a fool to allow the three of you to serve me! No wonder your former employer was caught -- if you were his helpers! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Exterminator and the Super-Powered Unholy Three"

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  • Exterminator's Sedan

Synopsis for "The Exterminator and the Super-Powered Unholy Three"

Since their release from prison, the Unholy Three have resumed their costumed identities and have started a crime spree across the city. Daredevil finds them and gets into a battle, but is quickly overpowered allowing the Three to escape. Resuming his guise of Matt Murdock, he returns to Nelson and Murdock where Foggy is still fuming over Daredevil's treatment of Debbie the day before (not knowing it was really Dr. Doom in Daredevil's body), Matt suggests that Foggy's real problem is that he's afraid of what the public will think of a candidate for the district attorney's position dating a former criminal. Matt then convinces Foggy to setup a double date between them and Karen and Debbie.

Meanwhile, the Unholy Three return to their employer, the Exterminator, who has just finished his T-Ray, a device that transports its target into a dimensional limbo that's just barely in sync with reality. Making a portable device, the Exterminator plots to use it to blackmail Foggy Nelson.

When Foggy is spotted at a nightclub, the Unholy Three are sent to attack. Identifying Debbie Harris, the Executioner orders the Unholy Three to use the T-Ray on her as revenge for her involvement in the Unholy Three's previous arrest, and to use as a bargaining chip against Nelson. Believing Debbie to be dead, Foggy begs Matt to get his "brother" Mike to avenge her as Daredevil. Matt (really Daredevil) realizes with his radar sense that Debbie is not dead, but in another dimension.

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