Quote1 I might as well be philosophical about all this! If I was meant to have a weapon, I'd have been born with a holster! Quote2
-- Daredevil

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Synopsis for "The Fallen Hero!"

Continued from last issue... As Matt searches for the Unholy Three as Daredevil, the criminals in question are continuing their crime spree using the T-ray to shunt any opposition into a limbo dimension just outside of their reality. Finding the crooks, Daredevil battles them but they blast him with a T-Ray blast that will leave him permanently in limbo. Meanwhile, angry at all the inaction to find Debbie, Foggy decides to take matters into his own hands by researching the Unholy Three's previous employer the Organizer and learns that the Organizer once employed a scientist who disappeared shortly after his arrest.

As the crime spree of the Unholy Three continues, Foggy makes media appearances to bid for the District Attorney position. While in Limbo, Daredevil consoles Debbie and those trapped there when suddenly they are returned back to Earth, leaving Daredevil alone in limbo. Daredevil wonders whether he was hit with a larger dose of the T-Ray than the others, and if so will he remain trapped forever?


  • Future comic book writer Mark Gruenwald had a letter printed in this issue.

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