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Appearing in ""The Dismal Dregs of Defeat!""

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Synopsis for ""The Dismal Dregs of Defeat!""

Surrounded by the police and the mad Jester who has framed Daredevil for a murder rap, Daredevil manages to escape. However he ends up having to evade the police and the Jester all night. Trying to get a reprieve by stealing a man's overcoat to cover his costume and taking off his mask, DD tries to take the subway to safety. Coincidentally, the Jester is riding the train in his civilian guise and spots Daredevil's boots, however Daredevil manages to escape off the train before the mob of commuters can catch him.

Traveling to Liberty Island hoping to lay low for awhile, Daredevil is followed there by the Jester who attacks him once more. During the fight, a police helicopter arrives and when one of the police officers falls out, Daredevil saves his life. However, the officer injects him with a sedative and DD is taken into custody. While in the prison infirmary recovering, a curious prisoner begins to take off DD's mask.

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