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Quote1.png I've warned you not to go prancing around town alone the way you do, Matt! I know how you like to be independent -- and I respect you for it -- but you can overdo that lone wolf bit! Quote2.png
Foggy Nelson

Appearing in "..The Final Jest!"

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Synopsis for "..The Final Jest!"

Awakening in a prison infirmary just as a crook is about to unmask him, Daredevil easily overpowers the crook. Then covering his costume in a trench coat, he sneaks out as Matt Murdock and returns to the Nelson and Murdock law firm and tells Foggy and Deborah that he was mugged. Returning home, Matt comes up with an idea how to prove that the Jester had framed him. Donning a Jester costume, Daredevil appears on a late night television program posing as the criminal. Infuriated at being impersonated, the Jester arrives and the two battle on live television. During the fight, Daredevil gets the best of the Jester and then unmasks him. Revealing him to be the still alive Johnathan Powers, Daredevil manages to clear his name.

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