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Appearing in "Farewell to Foggy!"

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Synopsis for "Farewell to Foggy!"

As Foggy Nelson enters the final race for the District Attorney's office, Karen Page has returned because she cannot stay away from Matt and the two rekindle their romance.

During the election race, Daredevil learns that Stilt-Man has been hired to make an attempt on Foggy's life, and so battles him as Daredevil. Although Stilt-Man manages to escape, Daredevil prevents him from bringing harm to Foggy. Soon afterwards, Foggy is elected D.A., leaving Matt to wonder what to do with his law career now that his partner is the new D.A.


In this issue, Foggy Nelson wins the District Attorney race in a "landslide". This will temporarily close the Nelson and Murdock Law Office. Murdock and Karen Page are both shown later at the old law office building. Page will become Nelson's secretary for some time in the District Attorney's office.

Murdock will be named "Special Assistant" to the District Attorney [1]. He will eventually be named as "Assistant District Attorney" [2] before he relocated to San Francisco [3].

Nelson will later be defeated for District Attorney. He and Murdock then team again in private practice: First, in the "Storefront Legal Services" [4] and later re-form "Nelson and Mudock" as a private practice.

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