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Quote1.png I don't care what it costs -- just so long as Daredevil gets what's comin' to 'im! If not for him buttin' in, Willie Lincoln would be here now -- instead'a me! Quote2.png
-- Biggie Benson

Appearing in "Daredevil Drops Out"

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Synopsis for "Daredevil Drops Out"

Returning home, Matt Murdock decides that he is sick of being Daredevil and decides to quit his costumed adventuring because it's cost him his best friend and the girl that he loves. However, this is easier said than done when Daredevil is attacked by a robot created by Starr Saxon and hired out by Biggie Benson. Benson wants revenge against Daredevil for his involvement in his arrest following the clearing of Willie Lincoln's name.

Matt is easily overpowered by the robot, which can adapt to combat its opponent, however the robot leaves the unconscious Matt behind when it hears the tapping of Willie Lincoln's cane and flees in pre-programed self preservation. Willie takes Matt back to his home and administers first aid.

Meanwhile, Starr Saxon sends his robot after Daredevil once more after making some more adjustments. When Matt returns home dressed as Daredevil, he soon finds himself battling the robot once more which manages to once again overpower him and wrap him up in a crash-mat in his own secret gym.

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