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Quote1.png See, what you're doing here, from the outside it looks all kinds of crazy...But I've seen what crazy looks like from the inside -- and from where I'm standing, this place makes a whole lotta sense. Quote2.png
Typhoid Mary

Appearing in "Shadowland (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Shadowland (Part 2)"

Elektra and Master Izo scale a cliffside and sneak into the sewer outside the Hand’s fortress on a Japanese cliffside. In a sanctum within, they find elders of the Snakeroot Clan discussing the recent theft of the Zugaikotsu Scroll. One of the elders uses a glowing orb to contact White Tiger in New York. She tells them that Matt Murdock has taken the “final step” and become a murderer. The elders are pleased at Daredevil’s corruption as it makes him susceptible to the influence of the mysterious Black Flower. The elders order White Tiger to kill everyone who connects Matt to his old life.

Izo and Elektra run from the fortress but are pursued through the rocky terrain by Hand soldiers. Elektra uses a fallen tree to cross a chasm. Izo unsheathes his sword and tells Elektra to go to New York. As the Hand reach the makeshift bridge, Izo slashes the tree and he and the ninjas fall to the water below.

Back in Hell’s Kitchen, the Snakeroot ninjas move in on Dakota North and an unconscious Foggy Nelson. Dakota draws her gun and shoots several of the ninjas, but she is wounded in the process. As she and Foggy are about to be killed, Luke Cage and Danny Rand arrive. The former Heroes for Hire clean house, then pull Dakota and Foggy to their feet. Luke and Danny decide they need to speak with Matt Murdock.

A woman in a hoodie approaches the entrance to Shadowland and is stopped by two guards. She tells them she wants to speak to Matt Murdock, but the guards tell her to leave. One reaches out to grab her and is suddenly engulfed in flames. Before the conflict can escalate further, the woman is knocked off her feet by a billy club and is revealed to be Typhoid Mary. She tells Daredevil that now that H.A.M.M.E.R. and The Initiative are shut down, she wants to join him in Shadowland.

Inside, Mary tells Daredevil that The Initiative conducted a procedure to merge her multiple personalities and give her control of her powers. As she continues to plead her case, a ninja approaches and tells Daredevil that a “delegation” of his friends are at the gates. Daredevil orders them guarded and brought inside.

Dakota and Foggy settle in to a safehouse nearby. As Dakota looks out the window, she sees a massive explosion towards the top of one of Shadowland’s towers.

Solicit Synopsis

As Daredevil's Shadowland stronghold in Hell's Kitchen grows, more heroes step forward to try to bring The Man Without Fear back to his senses. But any foe of Daredevil knows he is not a man easily stopped. The battle for New York continues!


  • This issue is reprinted in Shadowland: Daredevil.

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