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Quote1.png And now, I'd better say it out loud -- before the proverbial house falls on me! Matthew Murdock is Daredevil! Quote2.png
Starr Saxon

Appearing in "Run, Murdock, Run!"

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Synopsis for "Run, Murdock, Run!"

Blacked out trying to reach the cell of Biggie Benson, who is the current target of a robot built by Starr Saxon, Daredevil is unable to stop the robot from killing Benson. After Benson is terminated, the robot shuts down waiting for new instructions from Saxon. After getting some medical treatment, on a hunch, DD waits for Saxon to try and reactivate the robot remotely. Hitting its chest plate just as the robot is coming to life causes its mechanisms to break disabling the robot.

Realizing what Daredevil may have done, the enraged Saxon Starr decides to investigate where his robot first attacked Daredevil and soon learns that DD is really Matt Murdock. Starr leaves Murdock's home coming up with a plan to get revenge on the Man Without Fear.

Returning home, Matt gets a phone call from Karen Page, and the two set up a date, however a combination of the medical treatment in reacting with radioactive particles in his blood, and the constant harassment of Starr Saxon, Matt begins to hallucinate and have blackouts. When Saxon interrupts Matt's date with Karen, it pushes him too far causing the hallucinating Matt to flee in terror. Saxon then claims to be Matt's friend, and escorts Karen away, insisting that she bring Matt's Cane. Elsewhere the doctor who treated him at the prison receives a memo that warns him if Daredevil doesn't seek medical aid immediately, he will die.


  • Cover art: modifications by Romita.

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