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Quote1.png Civilization will fall into chaos and we who walk the left hand path will kneel before The Beast! Quote2.png
White Tiger

Appearing in "Shadowland (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Shadowland (Part 3)"

Foggy Nelson is peering out the window of the safe house where he is sheltering with Dakota North when Hand ninjas suddenly crash through the glass. Fortunately, Dakota has made preparations and is able to grab a shotgun. She takes out a number of them, but one is able to grab Foggy and put a knife to his throat. As Dakota assesses the situation, Daredevil’s lieutenant, Black Tarantula, grabs the ninja and tosses him out the window. Tarantula tells Foggy and Dakota that something is wrong with Matt, and that they need to get out of town before things get worse.

Detective Kurtz walks to a market in Hell’s Kitchen. Before he can even finish his shopping, the shop is held up at gunpoint. The cashier fights back and the robbers open fire. Kurtz then witnesses a confrontation between the robbers and a group of fake Hand members that ends with one of the “ninjas” dead.

Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Master Izo are in an abandoned Rand building in Harlem discussing how to handle Matt Murdock after the fight at Shadowland. Iron Fist says he has read about the Beast - the ancient demon possessing Matt - and knows that in order to kill the Beast, they’ll have to kill their friend. Foggy and Dakota enter the room and bristle at the idea, but Izo explains that murdering Bullseye made Matt vulnerable to the Beast’s influence. Foggy insists that the Kingpin is really at fault for manipulating Matt for months. At that moment, the man himself, Wilson Fisk, arrives. He asks the heroes how many people will have to suffer before they will decide to do what is necessary.

Black Tarantula comes before Daredevil in his Shadowland throne room. He is furious that Daredevil has chosen to allow Elektra and Typhoid Mary into his inner circle. He tries to impress on Daredevil that the people of Hell’s Kitchen are terrified, but Matt snaps and grabs Tarantula by the throat. He tosses Tarantula across the room and tells him to go remind the people who is in charge.

Dakota and Foggy are driving to pick up Becky Blake on their way out of town when they come upon a huge crowd rioting in the middle of the road. They exit the car when the windshield is broken and are quickly attacked and separated. Nearby, Black Tarantula and Hand ninjas tries to quell the unrest. Suddenly, White Tiger calls for Tarantula from a rooftop. He joins her above and she relays Lord Daredevil’s new orders - execute all looters in the crowd. Tarantula refuses and warns White Tiger that whatever darkness has infected Matt is spreading through the city. White Tiger tells him that’s the point, then stabs him through the back with a sword. Lifting the bleeding Tarantula above her head, White Tiger tells him mankind is going to fall into chaos before tossing him off the roof. Black Tarantula lands in a bloody heap on top of a car below.

Solicit Synopsis

SHADOWLAND TIE-IN! As New York City crumbles under the weight of Matt Murdock’s new order, his former friends and allies struggle just to hold their lives and world together. But as the pressure builds, Foggy Nelson will make an alliance no one saw coming – while Black Tarantula takes a stand against Daredevil – and learns the consequences of crossing the Man without Fear.


  • This issue is reprinted in Shadowland: Daredevil.

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