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Quote1.png My problem isn't Daredevil -- and never was! It was always Matt -- the blind lawyer -- the hapless, helpless invalid! He's been my plague... since the day I first donned a costume! Then, let Matt Murdock no longer exist!! Quote2.png

Appearing in ""As It Was in the Beginning...""

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for ""As It Was in the Beginning...""

Dwelling on the dilemma that the criminal known as Starr Saxon knows that Matt Murdock is really Daredevil, DD reflects back on the events that led him to become Daredevil. What follows is an extended recounting of the events first presented in Daredevil #1 how he grew up as a child, how he became blind, got his powers, how his father was murdered by the Fixer, and how -- as Daredevil -- Matt got revenge on those who were responsible by rounding them up and turning them over to the police, however the Fixer died of a heart attack.

Finishing his recollection, he realizes his problem isn't being Daredevil -- it's being Matt Murdock, and in order to live his life Matt Murdock must die.


The first and last pages of the story, feature DD sitting on a snowy rooftop. They are the only part of this issue that are not a flashback. In these scenes, Daredevil's Billy Club is visible on his hip, even though he lost it two issues ago, and does not retrieve it till the next issue.

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