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Synopsis for "In the Midst of Life...!"

Being shot at by police because they think he's Death's Head, Daredevil manages to work Death's Head steed to veer out of the path of the oncoming bullets and make it throw him from its back. The police realize that they were really shooting at Daredevil when they have a chance to pull off the Death's Head mask.

While Karen receives a call from Foggy telling her that he and Willie Lincoln are working together to shut down a criminal named Crime Wave. Karen and DD continue their search for her father, which leads them to his laboratory where Death's Head and the Page butler attack. During the battle it's revealed that the butler Garth was hired by the US Government to pose as a butler to insure that Karen's father did not betray his country with his secrets using Cobalt.

During the confrontation, Karen's life is put in jeopardy, and Death's Head sacrifices his life to save Karen's. DD removes the Death's Head Mask, to reveal that he is really Paxton Page, Karen's father. Afterwards, Daredevil reveals to Karen that he is really Matt Murdock.

Solicit Synopsis

The secret of Death's-Head! Plus — the scene you've been waiting for!

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