Quote1 Taste... touch... smell... hearing... all my senses were heightened! Except perhaps for that secret ingredient called... common sense! Why else would I never have told you before... that I love you? Quote2
-- Daredevil

Appearing in "Spin-Out on Fifth Avenue!"

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Synopsis for "Spin-Out on Fifth Avenue!"

Matt Murdock has just finished making his closing argument in a court case against one of the minions of the crime boss known as Crime Wave, his first job as special assistant to the district attorney. After the jury goes to deliberate the verdict, Matt reflects back to the events that led to this turn of events.

Flashing back to the night he revealed his identity to Karen Page, he proposed to her and she accepted. Returning to New York, Matt revealed that he "survived" the plane crash that apparently took his life (making up a fake story for the press) and being appointed special assistant to the D.A.

Matt promises to Karen that after making an appearance at the United Fund Parade, he would be retiring his identity of Daredevil for good so that Karen wouldn't fear for his safety. However, before DD can announce his retirement the parade is interrupted when it's attacked by the Stunt-Master -- A washed up stunt motorcyclist who is hired by Crime Wave to take out Daredevil.

After quickly defeating Stunt-Master, when asked what his special announcement was by Foggy, Daredevil says it was nothing, which upset Karen to the point that she walked away from the scene. Returning to the present the jury finds the crook working for Crime Wave guilty. Although it's a victory for Matt, Karen is still mad at him for not retiring his DD identity as he promised.

Solicit Synopsis

Enter the sinister Stunt-Master — and his way-out jet-cycle! What's more, his target is — DD!

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