Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)
And what might your name be, masked man?
Conversation Tail

Conversation Tail
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)
Sorry... that's my name! You'll have to dig up one of your own!
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Appearing in "The Torpedo Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out!"

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Synopsis for "The Torpedo Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out!"

Stopping a protection shakedown, Daredevil finds that the store (like many people in the city) are so afraid of Crime-Wave that they suddenly "forget" that they were being roughed up when the police arrive. Returning back to the D.A.'s office as Matt Murdock, he joins Foggy, Willie, and Karen in their continued quest to bust Crime-Wave. Karen is still mad at Matt for not retiring his Daredevil identity.

Willie reveals that he earlier traveled to a local bar where he had previously heard of Crime-Wave. While there, he accidentally stumbled upon the secret base of Crime-Wave, and managed to get out by pretending to be a blind homeless man, who would not be a threat to thier security. When the story hits the paper, that Willie was a cop willing to testify, and news reaches Crime-Wave, he sends his costumed assassin the Torpedo to kill Lincoln.

Daredevil interrupts the assassination attempt and the two costumed beings fight each other through the Hotel building being used for witness protection. Their fight taking them to the roof, Daredevil is knocked over the edge and is holding on for dear life. Willie is forced to push Torpedo off the building to his death in order to save Daredevil's life.

Solicit Synopsis

Willie Lincoln is marked for death — by the murderous new villain they call the Torpedo! Action all the way!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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