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Quote1.png I did discover something after all! Something I never expected! I've found a way to fill any foe with indescribable fear!! Quote2.png
Mister Fear

Appearing in "Trapped by... the Fellowship of Fear!"

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Synopsis for "Trapped by... the Fellowship of Fear!"

Witnessing a break-in of a bank, by Ox and the Eel being filmed by a movie crew, Daredevil's senses tell him that it's really a cover for a real robbery. When DD gets into a fight with both the Ox and the Eel he is shot at by their employer: Mr. Fear, who's fear pellets cause Daredevil to experience pure fear and is compelled to flee the fight.

As Daredevil resumes his civilian guise and news spreads around town about the event, we meet Mr. Fear's true identity, Zoltan Drago, who's hideout is in a wax museum. He recounts the events that led him to discover his fear gas and the invention of his costumed identity of Mr. Fear, and how he recruited the Eel and the Ox to become members in his Fellowship of Fear. Returning to the present, Mr. Fear gathers his cohorts together to figure out how they will destroy Daredevil.

Opening the wax museum with a new display, showcasing Daredevil, Matt, Foggy and Karen go to check out the display. During the viewing, both Foggy and Matt notice the presence of the Ox in the museum. While Matt returns as Daredevil, Foggy arrives for his own investigation and walks in on Daredevil fighting the Eel and the Ox. Foggy is injured during the fight, and DD is forced to flee again to bring Foggy to a hospital. There he alerts Karen to the accident and meets her at the hospital as Matt Murdock.

Changing back into his guise of Daredevil to watch over Foggy, he stops the Fellowship from attacking Foggy in the hospital forcing them to flee. The Fellowship returns to the wax museum where Daredevil is waiting for them, pretending to be his own wax statue, and fights all three Fellowship members, and defeating them all and turning them over to the police. As Matt Murdock, DD returns to the hospital to see that Foggy is all right and later Foggy is discharged from the hospital.


Publication Notes

  • Credits:
    • Written with the Fabulously Flawless Fantasy of...Stan Lee
    • Illustrated in the Magnificently Modern Manner of...Wally Wood
    • Lettered in the Screamingly Sophisticated Style of...Sam Rosen

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