Quote1 From here on, I've got to play it by ear! And when br'er Daredevil says that... he means it! Quote2
-- Daredevil

Appearing in "Showdown at Sea!"

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Synopsis for "Showdown at Sea!"

After Deborah cancels her engagement with Foggy after the fact that she is an ex-convict comes up once more. Matt learns that Crime-Wave is operating on an illegal gambling boat that is anchored just past international waters. Taking out some of Crime-Wave's thugs, DD travels to the ship disguised as one of said thugs.

When on board the ship, DD notices Deborah is gambling there and watches as she goes from a lucky streak to losing all her gains (due in part to manipulations of the roulette wheel by Crime-Wave) Deborah is then taken down to meet Crime-Wave. Daredevil intervenes before Crime-Wave has a chance to eliminate Deborah, and easily defeats the criminal mastermind and his goons. When Foggy and the authorities arrive, Crime-Wave is unmasked and revealed to be Foggy's own assistant Hollis.

Solicit Synopsis

The block-busting, blazing end of the man they call Crime-Wave! It's DD at his greatest!


This issue is reprinted in Sons of Origins of Marvel Comics.

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