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Quote1.png Well, there's one consolation in dating a girl who's in on your little secret! At least you needn't pretend you've just developed a splitting headache! But I have! Good night! Quote2.png
Karen Page

Appearing in "Trapped -- by the Trio of Doom!"

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Synopsis for "Trapped -- by the Trio of Doom!"

When reports that Mr. Hyde and the Cobra are on the loose and causing crimes all over the city, Matt has to cancel in the middle of a date with Karen to go looking for them, which causes Karen to storm off once more upset that Matt cannot give up his identity as Daredevil. However, his search yields nothing.

The next day Matt meets up with the owner of an old amusement park who tells Matt that it had been taken over by Mr. Hyde, the Cobra and the Jester. Matt then tells the former owner that he will make arrangements to have Daredevil check it out. Naturally the situation turns out to be a trap, the owner working with the three criminals who try to kill Daredevil using gimmick amusement park rides. Daredevil manages to defeat all the crooks just as Karen arrives with the police.

Daredevil thanks Karen for her help, however she blows him off informing him that he went out fighting super-villains and totally forgetting about their date, which was to celebrate her birthday.

Solicit Synopsis

The leering, lethal Jester—the cunning Cobra—the unstoppable Mr. Hyde! And all they want is—DD's death!

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