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Quote1 Here's a filet of fist, served up by -- Nighthawk! Quote2

Appearing in ""Quoth the Nighthawk, "Nevermore!""

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Synopsis for ""Quoth the Nighthawk, "Nevermore!""

When trying to stop two crooks from robbing the box office of a movie theater, Daredevil runs into Nighthawk, who captures the crook and takes all the credit. Afterwards, Nighthawk returns to his home, a large mansion where he recounts how a formula gave him his powers and how he was once recruited by the Grandmaster to fight the Avengers.

This starts a series of episodes where Daredevil is upstaged by Nighthawk, which discredits DD in the public eye and gives Karen more ammunition to pressure Matt into giving up his Daredevil identity. However, realizing something fishy is up, DD tricks Nighthawk into boasting how he's been staging the crimes to discredit DD and also reap benefits from crime at the same time into a recorder which broadcasts his words to the people on the street.

This leads to a fight between DD and Nighthawk which takes them to the New York subway, where Nighthawk manages to escape by jumping between an oncoming subway train to make his escape, vowing to one day get revenge on Daredevil.

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