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  • prison psychiatrist
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Synopsis for "The Girl -- or the Gladiator?"

After Karen Page decides to quit and leave town, unable to deal with Matt's continued costumed adventuring as Daredevil, Matt accompanies Foggy to the prison where Melvin Potter (aka the Gladiator) is being held. Potter is claiming insanity and to try to get out of his prison sentence and Nelson and Murdock have come to try to determine if Potter is lying or not.

While the two are interviewing Potter, Karen prepares to leave New York City. When allowing Potter to wear his old Gladiator costume and hold his old weapons, he then reveals that he was faking the whole episode and attempts to break out of the prison. However he is attacked by Daredevil, and during the battle the Gladiators saw blades suddenly dissolve. Making quick work of Gladiator, DD explains that expecting a trick Nelson and Murdock had treated the saw blades with a chemical that would make them dissolve after a certain period of use.

After defeating Gladiator, DD tries to call Karen, but finds that she is not answering her phone, unaware that she has already left the city.

Solicit Synopsis

DD always gets his man! But this time, if he tackles the galvanizing Gladiator—he loses the girl he loves! A brain-blast!


  • Karen Page quits the District Attorney's Office and leaves Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. The three had been co-workers since Daredevil #1. She will return to visit New York (and Matt Murdock) occasionally. However, she pursues her dream of being an actress in Hollywood for some time. She becomes drug dependent and eventually returns to New York (and Matt Murdock) in Daredevil #227.
  • Matt Mudock will take a leave of absence next issue, and visit Karen Page in California.

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