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Appearing in "Suddenly...the Stunt-Master!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Ellis, a movie producer
  • his goons

Other Characters:




  • Stuntmaster's Motorcycle

Synopsis for "Suddenly...the Stunt-Master!"

Taking a vacation, Matt Murdock travels to Hollywood, California in order to try and track down Karen Page, whom he believes has gone there knowing that she has social ties in the area. During his search for Karen, DD ends up clashing with the Stunt-Master once more who, having trouble finding steady work as a stunt man, goes back to crime and is hired to steal a rare and valuable movie print. During the fight, Stunt-Master's lot in life comes up, and feeling sorry for Stunt-Master, DD decides to help him out. The two end up busting up the crooks orchestrating the plot and the subsequent publicity gets Stunt-Master a job for a television series.

Solicit Synopsis

DD goes Hollywood! The Stunt-Master goes bad — again! And that spells action all the way!

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