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Synopsis for "The Killing of Brother Brimstone"

Karen Page has settled into regular acting jobs in Hollywood, her most recent one working on the soap opera "Strange Secrets", a series that is popular because of its mysterious villain known as Brother Brimstone. However, moods on the set are tense especially from the actor who portrays Brother Brimstone, Ross Archer.

However, when someone dressed as Brother Brimstone begins attacking the cast and crew of the show, Daredevil (who has finally tracked down Karen to talk her into taking him back) begins watching over the set.

After battling Brother Brimstone, the situation becomes a regular who-done-it, with many of the cast and crew becoming suspect. When Brother Brimstone attacks again, this time with a lifeless body, Daredevil fights the powerhouse off. When they check to see who Brimstone's latest victim is, they realize that it's Ross Archer.

Solicit Synopsis

They call him Brother Brimstone—but don't laugh at him—and don't turn your back on him! Plus—a new life for Karen Page!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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