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Synopsis for "... And One Cried Murder!"

Following the funeral of Ross Archer, Daredevil begins trying to figure out who is the one posing as Brother Brimstone and trying to murder the cast and crew of Karen's recent acting gig for the soap-opera "Strange Secrets."
Finding the blue prints to an exoskeleton, Daredevil is attacked once more by Brother Brimstone. Meanwhile, Karen goes to the La Brea Tar Pits to meet Lester Leroy who has some clues as to who the killer is. DD finding Lester's note, fearing that Karen is walking into a trap, goes after her.

At the tar pits Karen is attacked by Brother Brimstone, and is saved by the timely arrival of Daredevil. Their fight taking them right into the tar pits, DD attempts to save Brimstone. Pulling off his mask while trying to grab him and pull him to safety, Brother Brimstone is revealed to be Vince Sterling. However, while struggling to pull them out of the tar, Vince ends up sinking down into the tar due to the weight of his own exoskeleton. DD informs Karen that Vince's intention was murdering Karen and then framing Lance for all the murders because both had seen the blueprints to his exoskeleton.

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