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Synopsis for "Stilt-Man Stalks the Soundstage"

Karen has been offered a role on the new Stunt-Master television series, and has been asked to try and get Daredevil to agree to appear in the pilot episode. When she asks Matt if he'd be interested, he agrees.

While on the set of the show, the Stunt-Master is ambushed in his trailer by Stilt-Man, who uses make-up effects to disguise himself as the Stunt-Master in order to get close enough to Daredevil. The plan works and Stilt-Man pretends to wipe out to draw DD close enough to change into his costume and attack.

Once again, DD makes short work of his foe wrapping him up in the chord of his billy-club and making him fall over. After the battle, DD tells Karen that he has to go back to New York. Karen declines to go with him having found she enjoys her career as an actress. DD then leaves, telling her to make a choice between him or her career, and that he won't be waiting forever.

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