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Synopsis for "Phoenix and the Fighter!"

Returning to New York, Daredevil makes a visit to the D.A.'s office just as Foggy is being accosted by sports syndicate boss Kragg (who is part of an extremist group called Phoenix) who has come to tell Foggy to keep away from them. Daredevil intervenes and Foggy informs him that Kragg is behind the sports rackets.

Learning from the papers that they had purchased a mystery heavy weight Kid Gawaine, who is being trained by his father's old coach Pop Fenton, DD decides to pay a visit as Matt Murdock. Visiting Kid Gawaine, Matt is attacked by the Kragg and his Phoenix goons, who also attack Fenton, but are fought off by Gawaine.

Before the big fight, Gawaine is attacked by a bunch of hoods, but fought off by Daredevil. Sensing fowl play, Matt knocks out the Kid just before the big fight and uses make-up to disguise himself as the Kid to fight in the match. The Phoenix uses a weapon to cause blindness to try and make the "Kid" lose the fight, but naturally it has no effect on Daredevil.

Knocking out the opponent boxer (who is in league with the Phoenix), Matt races up to stop Kragg changing into Daredevil to find that Kid Gawaine is already confronting them. During the fight the Kid is shot by Kragg, but DD manages to defeat him. After the battle is over, and Kragg turned over to the police, DD checks on the Kid and informs Pop Fenton that he'll be all right.

Solicit Synopsis

The prize-fighter—the fiendish group called Phoenix—and the Man Without Fear! Put 'em all together and they spell—dynamite!

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