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Quote1.png They recognize me! They flee in panic! Shall such as these rule over Earth instead of Namor??! Quote2.png

Appearing in "In Mortal Combat with... Sub-Mariner!"

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Synopsis for "In Mortal Combat with... Sub-Mariner!"

The Sub-Mariner, in order to deal with his restless people (and the goading of Warlord Krang), appears on the surface world and forces his way into the law office of Nelson and Murdock in order to seek the audience of a lawyer. Namor seeks to sue the surface world for its exploitation of the sea, however when Murdock explains how ridiculous the notion is, Namor goes on a rampage across the city.

Donning his brand new Daredevil costume, Matt goes after and battles Namor in order to convince him to turn himself over to the authorities to answer for the damage that he's done. Although Namor wins the fight, he admires Daredevil's courage in facing the monarch of the deep, and so Namor turns himself over to the authorities.

However, as the court case starts, Lady Dorma arrives to inform Namor that Warlord Krang has started an uprising in Atlantis, however, when Namor tries to leave the authorities to try to keep him from getting away. Murdock manages to talk Namor out of fighting and to follow the law, Namor decides to comply for 24 hours. However, when the wheels of justice are unable to turn fast enough for Namor, he breaks out of jail and in spite of Daredevil's attempt to stop him manages to escape into the sea in order to deal with the uprising in his native land.

Appearing in "Namor and D.D."

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Synopsis for "Namor and D.D."

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  • This issue also contains a two page letters page "Let's Level With Daredevil" (Sequence III) with letters from: Jim Natell, Eddie Eddings, Kent Vesser, Ben + Jonathan Wolf and Zachary Weiss, Sharon DeMuth, Charles Quinn, Jim Helmer, Neil Kane, Stephen James, Charles A. Roberts. It also includes "The Mighty Marvel Checklist"
  • credits:
    • Another Super-Spectacular in the Mighty Marvel Tradition!
    • Written by the Master of the Spoken Word: Stan Lee
    • Drawn by the Master of the Printed Picture: Wally Wood
    • Lettered by the Monster of the Blurb Balloon: Artie Simek


  • The first appearance of Daredevil's red costume

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