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Synopsis for "The Tribune"

Far right motion picture star Buck Ralston has made an appearance on Hollywood Boulevard to speak to a crowd about his perceived lack of patriotism in America. After engaging Karen Page in a debate on Patriotism to the level of extremism, Buck Ralston leaves to plot how to get back at the "pinkos" he perceives are ruining American society.

While in New York, DD becomes involved in controlling a riot which has broken out at the New York Hilton between the police and protesters during the Vice President's visit to the city. While back on the west coast, we learn that Ralston is taking the law into his own hands as the costumed judge, jury and executioner known as the Tribune and has his goons round up hippies that he finds treasonous and executes them with his energy blasting gavel.

Tribune has some of his men plant explosives at the Hilton in New York in hopes that hippies will be blamed, hoping it will "wake up" America, however this plan is made complicated with the involvement of Daredevil. While DD fails to stop the bomb from detonating, he prevents it from hurting anyone, even though one of the protesters checking on DD gets arrested.

The young men arrested on a bum wrap (dubbed the "New York Three") regarding the explosion, get the attention of Tribune who plans to go to New York to execute them, while Foggy and Matt prepare to (begrudgingly) represent the city in court and prove their guilt, even though both feel that the New York Three are innocent.

Solicit Synopsis

Ripped from today's screaming headlines - and tomorrow's frightening peril! The Eliminator! - the most dangerous menace of all!


  • Matt Murdock is referred to as "Assitant District Attorney". He was named "Special Assistant to the District Attorney" in Daredevil #58.

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