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Synopsis for ""If an Eye Offend Thee...!""

While patrolling the streets by night, Daredevil tries to break up a fist fight, but it turns out it had been faked in order to serve him a summons to court, to testify in the case against the New York Three. Matt Murdock also helps Foggy Nelson during the day with the same court case. As they prepare for the trial, Buck Ralston travels to New York in order to personally execute the Three in his costumed identity of Tribune, believing them to be all guilty of Anti-Americanism.

On the day of the big trial, Matt fakes a headache so he can have an excuse not to attend the trial, thus allowing him to attend as Daredevil. Meanwhile, Tribune incapacitates the judge that will be presiding over the case and then takes control of the court room. At first, Daredevil is helpless to do anything, since the Tribune's men are surrounding the courtroom, and he doesn't want to get innocent people hurt. While on the witness stand, he hears "an almost infinitesimal hum-- coming from the Tribune's belt!" He leaps to action, and smashes the belt, releasing the Tribune's men from the hypnotic control they were under. The Tribune leaves a bomb, and tries to get away in a helicopter, but Daredevil throws the bomb at the escaping villain. It explodes and Tribune seemingly perishes.

Days later, in the D.A.'s office, Foggy is relieved that he's actually lost a court case for once in his career, as the case of the New York Three is dismissed, after the discovery of the Tribune's plan to frame them. Catching a televised soap box of Buck Ralston on TV, Matt being weary of hearing people rabble-rousing, turns off the TV, little knowing that Ralston was the villain he fought and believed dead weeks earlier.

Solicit Synopsis

"If An Eye Offend Thee...!" The most sinister trial of all time - as the revenge-mad Tribune plays judge - and jury - and executioner!


  • Roy Thomas would recycle this title (a quotation from Matthew 18:9) in Thor #292 and All-Star Squadron Vol 1 10.
  • A notice in the letters page of Daredevil Vol 1 76 establishes that Len Wein wrote pages 6-20 of this issue, credit was accidentally omitted while Roy Thomas was on vacation.

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