Quote1.png Rain! Let's hope it'll cleanse you of your memories and your fears, Matthew. Fat chance! Right? Memories of lost-love and a girl named Karen Page will never leave---never! Quote2.png
-- Daredevil

Appearing in "Now Rides the Ghost of El Condor!"

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Synopsis for "Now Rides the Ghost of El Condor!"

Traveling with Foggy to the city of Delvadia on a Senate fact-finding mission in order to get his mind off Karen, Matt Murdock ends up finding himself (As Daredevil) saving US Ambassador Jerome Villiers from thugs working for El Condor, a costumed revolutionary who people believe is either a reincarnation of the famous revolutionary figure of the region, or somebody posing as him.

When the ambulance drivers that are supposed to take Villiers to the hospital turn out to also be working for El Condor and take the wounded ambassador to El Condor to be their prisoner. The next day, Matt knocks out Foggy in order to become DD and find the location and stop El Condor. Along the way, he sees that US representative Keith Bayard has rounded up a posse to fight El Condor, but they are easily defeated and Bayard is captured, however DD overhears El Condor say that Bayard is more valued to him alive.

Solicit Synopsis

A nation trembles in the ominous shadow of - El Condor! A story torn from today's front page - and dedicated to you, the Marvel breed of reader! A must!

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