Quote1 You are a dead man! My destiny is victory! Quote2
-- El Condor

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Synopsis for "The Deathmarch of El Condor!"

Following the troops of El Condor to their camp, Daredevil stumbles upon El Condor's plot to use helicopters as weapons to "free" the oppressors of his people. Daredevil saves the captured US representatives under El Condor's capture, and defeats most of his men. Chasing El Condor onto a helicopter, Daredevil forces the foe to leap from his helicopter.

Battling on the ground in front of the statue commemorating the original El Condor, a fluke bolt of lightning strikes the base of the mountain causing rocks and the statue to tumble down on the combatants. While Daredevil manages to get to safety, he is unable to save El Condor who is crushed under the rocks.

Solicit Synopsis

Fly high, DD - or die! The cataclysmic climax of Hornhead's epic clash with the mysterious El Condor - with enough action to keep you glued to the edge of your seat!

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