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Quote1 Shaddup! Pretty boy called me a whatwuzit? Yeah, a "Trogodyte" -- and I kinda think I've been insulted. Quote2
William "Bull" Taurens

Appearing in ""The Horns of the Bull!""

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Synopsis for ""The Horns of the Bull!""

Daredevil saves the lives of George and Dia Alec, who are in New York to visit their friend Gardner and are attacked by a bunch of goons led by a man named Bull. Meanwhile, Foggy has trouble of his own as he is in deep and is making payments to a mysterious man who is threatening him for not making his payments on time. when DD arrives with the Alec's, Foggy brushed them off. So instead, DD lets the Alec's stay at the home of Matt Murdock. When Dia answers the phone when Karen calls, Karen hangs up thinking Matt has moved on and she soon seeks comfort from her agent Phil.

While Bull seeks strength enhancement treatment from a doctor whom is under the employment of the mysterious Mr. Klein, DD goes out on patrol. DD finds the jeep the thugs who attacked the Alecs were driving and soon battles them, and is injected with a chemical that knocks him out. While the Alecs go out and are stalked by one of Bull's men, DD comes around in a strange house facing Bull, who has now mutated into the fearsome Man-Bull.

Solicit Synopsis

Who is the mysterious Mr. Kline? Our horn-headed hero is dead set to find out, but first he's got to get past - the rampaging Man-Bull! Offbeat - and awesome!


  • George Alec is based on (then) little-known real-life science-fiction writer George Alec Effinger, and Dia Alec is base on his wife Diana Effinger. Within a year after this story was published, Effinger will be working for Marvel, and by the late 1970s would be a well-known novelist.
  • George Alec has a writer friend named "Gardner" (who the narrator comments "Whoever the heck that is" during the course of the story) is probably a nod to DC Comics writer Gardner Fox.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Dave Handy, Jim Vicko, Mickey Blanchette, and Matthew Lasorda.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#591-Z.

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