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Quote1 So long as I am master of my stilts, I'm unbeatable! I'm completely invincible! Quote2
Stilt-Man (Wilbur Day)

Appearing in "The Stiltman Cometh!"

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Synopsis for "The Stiltman Cometh!"

Daredevil saves a woman from an out of control car, however when he hops aboard the speeding vehicle to stop it his radar sense warns him that there is a bomb on board the vehicle. As this is happening, a helicopter carrying a payroll is robbed by a new criminal called Stilt Man. While this is happening, Daredevil manages to drive the car with the explosives into the pier before it can harm anybody else. He soon spots the Stilt Man but is unable to stop him before he can get away.

Later, back in his civilian guise of Matt Murdock, DD is told about Dr. Van Eyck, a doctor from Boston who might be able to restore Matt's lost eyesight by his secretary Karen.

However, before Matt can respond to Karen about if he will seek the treatment, they are interrupted by the entrance of Foggy with Matt's next client Wilbur Day, a former employee of Kaxton Laboratories, where he invented hydraulic lifts which his boss Carl Kaxton had stolen the patents. Murdock then calls Kaxton to tell him that his former employee intends to sue him, a threat which Kaxton encourages them to follow through on.

Later in his Daredevil guise, DD unsuccessfully battles Stilt-Man, who manages to get away once again. Later, when meeting with Wilbur again, Kaxton arrives at the office to contest the lawsuit. While the two argue over who owns the rights to the hydraulic device, Matt notices that one of them is lying due to an irregular heartbeat, but can't figure out which one is the liar because they are too close together.

Following Kaxton as Daredevil, he's quickly shaken off by Kaxton who realizes he's being followed. DD cannot resume his tailing because of reports that Stilt-Man is causing havoc again. He again fails to stop Stilt Man. Returning to Day, the two go to confront Kaxton directly. There they find the hydraulic lifts, which turn out to be Stilt Man's stilts.

Attacked by Kaxton with a gun, Day manages to knock Kaxton out, and then reveals to Murdock that he's really Stilt-Man, and that he came to steal a shrinking device from Kaxton before knocking Murdock out. Taking the device and making a run for it in his stilts, Day is followed by Daredevil and in the battle, the shrinking ray is turned on Day who shrinks so small that he disappears from sight.

Returning to the Nelson and Murdock law office, Matt is confronted by Kaxton, but Murdock tells him that Day has dropped the lawsuit and they decide to let the whole thing go. After, when Karen presses the subject of Matt seeing Dr. Van Eyck to restore his lost vision, Matt tells her that it's too much of a risk causing her to storm out of the room calling Matt a coward.


  • credits:
    • Written with the Inventive Genius of Stan Lee
    • Drawn with the Artistic Brilliance of Wally Wood
    • Lettered with the Scratchy Penpoint of S. Rosen

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