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The Black Widow

Appearing in ""Now Send... The Scorpion!""

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Synopsis for ""Now Send... The Scorpion!""

While Daredevil is testing out his prowess to see if he has fully recovered, the Black Widow receives a call from Ivan warning her not to come after him. Not heeding his warning the Black Widow finds herself captured by Mr. Klein's latest employed super-villain: the Scorpion.

While Karen Page seeks continued comfort from her agent Phil, Matt (unaware that Karen is in the city) revises and rebuilds his Billy Club. Just as he's completed it he's alerted by a noise upstairs. While investigating the noise Matt finds the unconscious Ivan and a note asking Daredevil to come to a predetermined location and that the Black Widow is the attacker's hostage.

Battling the Scorpion in Central Park, Daredevil is easily kept at bay because of some added hardware in the form of a laser weapon that's been included in the Scorpion's arsenal. While Daredevil manages to disarm his foe, the Scorpion manages to get away. Meanwhile, Foggy decides to handle the threats of Mr. Klein, and soon learns the true identity of Mr. Klein (The robot Assassin) who informs Foggy that he will now work for him.

Daredevil manages to track the Scorpion to the top of the World Trade Center, which was under construction, and during the battle, the Black Widow gets free and helps Daredevil in the fight. In the heat of the battle, the Black Widow accidentally knocks the Scorpion off the edge the building and the crook falls to his apparent death. After the fight is over, an eyewitness claims that the Black Widow killed the Scorpion in cold blood.

Solicit Synopsis

Remember the Scorpion? Well, DD never met him - but he'll never forget him after this one!


  • In this issue, Matt Murdock desgins and uses a new Billy Club. It appears similar in design to the previous model.
  • To find out what happened to the real Scorpion, see Captain America Vol 1 151
  • There is no letters page or Bullpen Bulletins in this issue.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#701-Z.

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