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Quote1 That woman -- Somehow she's gonna kill us both! Quote2

Appearing in ""The Widow Accused!""

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Synopsis for ""The Widow Accused!""

With the Scorpion apparently dead, the Black Widow has been accused of his murder, when the police try to take her in she makes her escape. Daredevil is able to track her down and the two fight briefly before she again flees from the him. Daredevil catches up to her but this time the Black Widow attempts to negotiate with him, but in the end Daredevil is forced to subdue her with the rope from his billy club. Daredevil then drops her off with the police, but vows to help her by speaking with the District Attorney.

Meanwhile during the transport of the "Scorpion's" body the paramedics are attacked by Mr. Hyde.

Upon returning to his apartment Matt remembers that the Scorpion had dropped off Natasha's chauffeur, Ivan, earlier with a note attached as a challenge to for Daredevil to save the Black Widow. So Matt quickly changes out of his Daredevil costume and confronts the groggy man who had just begun to stir awake. After some quick introductions, Matt informs Ivan that Natasha is has been imprisoned and Ivan starts rampaging around Matt's office. Ivan's temper cools after Matt intentionally puts himself in harms way of one of Ivan's blows, causing the man to snap out of his frenzy. After apologizing, Ivan leaves the apartment in a state of helplessness.

After the scuffle with Ivan Matt tries to enlist the aid of his friend and District Attorney Foggy Nelson. Foggy has different ideas as to how the case should be tried, as he's hell bent on cracking down on the Black Widow and all costumed heroes. Unbeknownst to Matt, Foggy is being blackmailed by the Assassin, Mr. Klein. Matt, not fond of his friend's new attitude, boldly exclaims that he'll be representing the Black Widow in court.

Matt then visits Natasha in prison and tells her he'll be representing her on behave of Daredevil. Natasha is fearful of what will happen next given that she's a Russian and that Russians are currently having a hard time in the United States, due to the conflicts with each other. Meanwhile Phil Hichok and Karen Page are taking a ride through the city, Phil is worried about Karen's feelings for Matt, while Karen is lost in thoughts about if Matt had moved on.

Two weeks later and Foggy has put the trial on the fast track. After the first round of the counter-trial, Matt decides to check out a hunch he has as Daredevil regarding the Scorpion's body. Traveling to the hospital where the Scorpion's body is being held, Daredevil searches the morgue for clues, but is attacked by Mr. Hyde, who is revealed to have has been hired by Mr. Klein. During the battle the morgue is destroyed in an explosion.

Without a body, Foggy decides to dismiss the case, and Black Widow is freed. Afterwards, Matt tries to ask her out to dinner, however the Black Widow declines stating that she needs time to sort herself out, leaving Matt saddened by her absence.

Solicit Synopsis

The Black Widow is accused of murder - with Foggy Nelson for the prosecution! And if that isn't enough - here comes Mr. Hyde!


  • Murdock's decision to defend the Black Widow in defiance and direct opposition to this friend and boss, District Attorney Franklin Nelson, indicates that Murdock has resigned his position as Assistant District Attorney. Murdock will leave shortly after the trial with the Widow and relocate in San Francisco for some time. [1]
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#787-Z.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from J.D. Shuman, Lee Breadiron, Richard Rader,, and Robert J. Reynolds.
  • "Foggy" Nelson's office sign indicates that his middle initial is "W.".


  • On the cover of this issue, the Black Widow is mistakenly depicted without her trademark gloves.

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