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Appearing in ""Night of the Assassin!""

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • The "Final Sons of Man"
  • Scorpion (Cameo) (Destruction)
  • Mr.Hyde (Cameo) (Destruction)

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Synopsis for ""Night of the Assassin!""

While the Black Widow is spending time in Switzerland, she meets with Dr. Emil Borgdsky (really the android Assassin in a new disguise) who informs her that he has perfected a treatment to restore the sight of the blind. While in New York, Daredevil stops some thugs, and is informed by Foggy that his opposition against the Black Widow (last issue) was due to Mr. Klein blackmailing him, and after all was said and done, Klein had left the country.

Getting a call from Black Widow, DD as Matt Murdock travels to Switzerland, where the two kindle a romance. But when Matt meets Borgdsky he realizes there is something wrong. The two heroes eventually fall into the trap of Mr. Klein, really the robot MK-9 who has been sent from a distant future by a being known as Baal. Battling Daredevil MK-9 reveals that it is trying to stop Daredevil and Black Widow in order to prevent future events that would bring about the end of humanity. The battle is ended when two executioners arrive and destroy MK-9. DD and Black Widow manage to escape the exploding observatory base. The Executioners emerge from the ruins and tell Daredevil and Black Widow to enjoy their fates before returning to their own time.

Solicit Synopsis

The night of the Assassin! The cataclysmic climax, as ol' Hornhead fights an indestructible foe! And introducing the creature called - Baal!


  • This issue marks the end of the MK-9 saga. Elements of this alien plot has carried over into the pages of Iron Man and Sub-Mariner.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Roger Orth, Fred Hembeck, and Brain K. Morris.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#754-Z.


  • As this issue is the end of a storyline, it is filled with references to previous issues. Unfortunately, a lot of these references were typos, and one was even to an issue that didn't exist yet.
    • page 1, "*Last Issue, friends. --Stan."
    • page 11, "*Issues # 84 and 85 natch. --Stan."
      • Actually # 82 and 83
    • page 16, "*Issue # 81 and 82, natch--"
      • Actually # 80 and 81
    • page 17, "*If you'd been following Iron Man lately, You'd know about it, already!--Stan."
      • Actually the culmination of his plan against Stark wasn't published until the month after this issue, in Iron Man Vol 1 45
    • page 20, "*They were first seen in Sub-Mariner Vol 1 42.--Terse Stan"

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