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Quote1 Face it Foggy, You're all washed up. Quote2
Foggy Nelson

Appearing in ""Night Flight!""

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  • Plane

Synopsis for ""Night Flight!""

While Matt and Natasha take a plane back to the United States from Switzerland, Foggy resigns as the D.A. in shame over his blackmail and manipulation by Mr. Klein, and Karen and her agent Phil prepare to return to California.

Back on the plane heading back to New York, Matt's senses identify somebody familiar, but Matt cannot put his finger on who it is. However, the person is soon revealed to be Melvin Potter -- aka the Gladiator -- who hijacks the airplane. Matt manages to get away and change into his Daredevil costume and with the help of the Black Widow, manages to defeat the Gladiator and his fellow hijackers.

The fight knocks out the plane's radar, and DD uses his abilities to help the plane land (albeit a rough landing) at the airport, Matt runs into Karen and the two share a kiss and an embrace, much to the sadness of Natasha.

Solicit Synopsis

(Mislabeled as DAREDEVIL Vol 1 84:) Mile-high madness, as the Man Without Fear battles the power-packed Gladiator - in the deadly skies!


  • Karen Page and Matt Murdock will announce their engagement next issue.
  • This issue features a letters page,Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Mark Gruenwald, Bill Fos, Robert Stauss, and Tim Van Sickle.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#801-Z.

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