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Synopsis for "Once Upon a Time -- The Ox!"

With the opening of Karen Page's new movie in New York, Matt, Karen, Natasha, Ivan and Foggy are all in attendance and speak to the media. Also as part of the news broadcast is word that "Karl Stragg" (who is really Raymond Bloch who has been stuck in Stagg's body since Daredevil #15 is released from prison.

Wishing revenge on those who trapped him in a weak body, "Stragg" suddenly undergoes a transformation that changes him back into his original form of the Ox. Wracked with pain and building up with radiation, the Ox blames Matt Murdock for putting him in jail to begin with, and so goes on a rampage across the city.

Battling Daredevil, the Ox's radiation builds up to such a degree that his body explodes seemingly killing him. After the battle, Karen admits to Matt that she still cannot handle him being Daredevil, and leaves him to return to L.A. Matt then rekindles his romance with the Black Widow.

Solicit Synopsis

(Mislabeled as DAREDEVIL #85:) Remember the ominous Ox? Well, he's back - and so is the breathtaking Black Widow! But they'd better hurry - 'cause DD's leaving New York!


  • In this issue, Matt Murdock announces his engagement to Karen Page, but the engagement is broken by the end of this issue and Matt renews his "friendship" with Natasha. Karen Page will be seen next in Ghost Rider #13. Matt and Natasha will move to a mansion in San Francisco. Matt apparently ends his lease of his Sutton Place apartment in New York.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Gary Nesmith, Mike Wilson, and George Johnson & Roberta Liebreich.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#824-Z.


  • Karen Page's agent is called Phil Kingston in this issue. Before, his name had been given as Phil Hichok.

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