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Quote1.png I'll say it once friend, 'Frisco's my town -- I don't need some nut in his underwear to tell me how to police it, got me? Quote2.png
"Iron Guts" O'Hara

Appearing in ""Call Him Killgrave!""

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  • Lucy
  • Mister Fredericks
  • Regina



Synopsis for ""Call Him Killgrave!""

As Black Widow tries to catch up with Danny French, Daredevil pays a visit to Commissioner "Iron Guts" O'Hara to let him know that he and the Black Widow intend to stay in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Daredevil's presence is detected by the Purple Man who has been laying low and planning an operation out of San Francisco.

When Matt once again offers his help to Black Widow, she refuses him again and storms out. Ivan tells Matt about how he had rescued her as a child during World War 2 and how he saw to it she was raised into the woman that she is today.

When Daredevil tries to trail the Black Widow in her next attempt to find Danny French, he has to stop when he detects a robbery in progress. This happens to be one orchestrated by the Purple Man which brings Daredevil into direct conflict with his old enemy. Daredevil is captured by the Purple Man but is eventually saved by Ivan.

Meanwhile, Black Widow catches up with Danny French and after some discussion, the two decide to deal with their last (failed) mission together: Project Four.

Solicit Synopsis

Killgrave, the Purple Man, is back - and DD may never be the same again - even if he lives! Plus - the Black Widow's secret past!


  • Daredevil appears to put a radio in his Billy Club this issue. He has added equipment to his Billy Clubs in very early issues. For example, see Daredevil Vol 1 7.
  • This story contradicts with details of Natasha's childhood in Uncanny X-Men #268.


  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Mark Johnson, Matt Graham, Bill Fox, Steve Beery, Jody Frank and Jody, Frank, Barry Jayson & Harold I. Perl.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story# 899-Z.

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