Quote1.png How come all you professional bad guys use the same cornball dialogue? Do you all study from the same manual? Quote2.png
-- Daredevil

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Synopsis for "That He May See!"

After busting up some crooks that are trying to make an escape through New York harbor, Daredevil gets shot in the arm for all his trouble. Patching up his wound and resuming his civilian guise, Matt Murdock reports for work at his office where Karen informs him that Dr. Van Eych, the doctor who could possibly restore Matt's sight has recently moved to the country of Lichtenbad. They meet with Foggy who is "preparing" for the arrival of a former exchange student/classmate from their post-secondary days named Klaus Kruger who is the Duke of Lichtenbad who is coming to visit. When Klaus arrives, Matt asks him about Van Eych's treatment for the blind, Klaus verifies the claims, and Matt asks to go along because he senses that Klaus is lying about something.

Flying to Lichtenbad, Matt witnesses a botched assassination attempt on the Duke, and all day his radar sense picks up evidence that the Duke runs a dictatorship of oppression over his people. Helping the resistance movement in his Daredevil guise, DD gets into a direct conflict with the Duke and his knights. After freeing the prisoners in the Duke's castle, DD resumes his civilian guise and sees the doctor about his treatment.

While back in the States, Karen's obvious affection for Matt visibly angers Foggy who reacts jealously. Back in Lichtenbad, Matt's treatments are interrupted when Von Eych's treasonous remarks are heard and the knights take him away. Changing back to Daredevil, Matt helps the people of Litchenbad fight off the Duke's men and in a battle with the Duke. The Duke informs him that he will release a Cobalt Cloud to kill everyone, this is overheard by Van Eycht who sacrifices his life to stop this from happening. During the fight with Daredevil, the ends up falling to his death. Daredevil soon realizes that the Dr. sacrificed himself to save everyone.

Back in New York, Karen receives a memo from Matt explaining that the surgery wasn't done, leaving Foggy to jealously assume that Matt chickened out at the last moment.


  • credits:
    • Are You the Type of Reader Who's Impressed by Lots of Credits? If So, Take a Squint at These!
    • Fundamental Plot and Script by Smilin' Stan Lee
    • Basic Layouts and Delineation by Wondrous Wally Wood
    • Comprehensive Pencilled Graphics by Bouncy Bobby Powell
    • Balloons, Orders, and Blurbs by Swingin' Sammy Rosen

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