Quote1.png What'sa matter, tough man? Lose all your hot air? Quote2.png
-- William Taurens (Man-Bull)

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Synopsis for "Bullfight on the Bay!"

Learning that Daredevil has relocated to San Francisco, William Taurens has his men organize for the professor who gave him his power to provide a new batch and have it shot into his cell. Taking the formula and changing back into the Man-Bull, Taurens heads to San Francisco bent on getting revenge against Daredevil.

Having just settled into his new job at Jason Sloan's law firm, Matt's moment of reprieve from super-heroing is cut short when the Man-Bull begins terrorizing the San Francisco area. With the Black Widow, Daredevil battles his foe, however during the course of the battle DD is shot by one of the Man-Bull's henchmen, critically wounding him, leaving only the Black Widow to stand in the villain's way.


  • Matthew Murdock joins Broderick & Sloan Law Firm. Murdock is also listed as a partner. He will continue to be affiliated with the firm until Broderick is discovered to be a criminal who wanted to conquer San Francisco in Daredevil #105.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Richard Bohuslavicky, Randi Eldevik, and Mark N. Kernes.

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