Quote1 I hate cops -- They make me nervous-- give me blasted indigestion. Quote2
-- William Taurens (Man-Bull)

Appearing in "The Widow Will Make You Pay!"

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Synopsis for "The Widow Will Make You Pay!"

With Daredevil seriously wounded by the Man-Bull, the Widow fights him off and takes DD to a hospital for medical treatment. Returning to his temporary base of operations, the Man-Bull is upset that he is stuck in his bull-like form and so has the professor create more of his serum to put into the San Francisco water supply.

Black Widow tries to stop him, however she fails in doing so, however when DD -- recovering in the hospital -- sees the victims the Man-Bull's work has created, DD leaves the hospital to battle the Man-Bull alone. Fighting the Bull near the harbor, DD gets the creature caught up in some rope attached to an anchor and throws it into the water, pulling the Man-Bull with it, where he seemingly drowns.


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  • Page one give a credit as "Irving Forbush - Moral Support".

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