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Appearing in "Guardian Devil Part One: And A Child Shall Lead Them All"

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Synopsis for "Guardian Devil Part One: And A Child Shall Lead Them All"

Matt receives a letter from Karen, who had left six months previously. Meanwhile, a tragedy takes place in a New York maternity ward.

Gwyneth runs down the road, her baby in her arms. She's fleeing from a car being driven by the men that just murdered her parents. Matt is sitting in confession when he hears this take place. The priest continues to monologue, unaware as Matt becomes Daredevil. Daredevil lands atop the car, causing it to crash and injure the occupants. He then realizes that Gwyneth has fled the scene, and he now has to explain to the police why he attacked this car.

In his office, Matt dwells on the thought of Karen. He considers calling Natasha to take his mind off of her when Foggy enters. He introduces Matt to his new client, Lydia, who is undergoing and expensive divorce. The conversation is interrupted when Matt once again hears the heartbeats of Gwyneth and her baby. He just misses her.

Across town, an unknown individual scolds the two men from the car chase for failing to kill Gwyneth. He seems to let them off with a warning, but as they step into the elevator, it floods with water, drowning them. He is upset that Daredevil has become involved too quickly.

Daredevil navigates the rooftops as well as his own thoughts. He considers Gwyneth, Karen, the accident that granted him his powers, and questions God's motives and existence as he fights a criminal in an alley. Gwyneth sees a vision from God while she sleeps.

Matt and Foggy discuss Lydia's case, where Foggy explains that Lydia's husband had her sterilized without her knowledge. Foggy also hints that his feelings for Lydia may be stronger than those of his girlfriend, Liz. Matt leaps past Foggy when he hears Gwyneth and her baby again, but finds that they're at the door of his office. He invites her to speak with him, where she tells him that the baby was a virgin birth. Matt hears no change in her heartbeat that would indicate a lie. She further explains that she had a vision from God that pointed her to Matt, told her that he would protect them, for he was Daredevil. She leaves the baby with him.

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