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Synopsis for "Without Fear (Part 4)"

Daredevil decides to allow the Wrecking Crew to ravage the city in their fight with Mr. Fear's men as long as no one is in intimidate danger in hopes that one of the Enforcers show up to make it easier to find Mr. Fear while Lily and Foggy go meet with an attorney to take Lily's statement on the train incident where after the meeting Foggy makes it clear that it is better that she does not see Milla. After dealing with a stressful morning with both Milla and the psych ward nurse assigned to watch her, Matt realizes he needs to get the antidote quickly. DD changes his strategy by forcing Turk's former associates to tell where the supervillain hospital is so he can force Fancy Dan who had been moved there to recover from his injuries from Razor Fist to provide information. After learning of a warehouse where the fear gas and Ox are, DD allows the police to raid it so Ox can escape allowing DD to catch him. As Lily against Foggy's wishes heads to Matt's apartment, DD is prepared to use torture for Ox to tell him where Mr. Fear is.

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