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-- The Hood

Appearing in "Without Fear (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "Without Fear (Part 5)"

Lily Lucca departs from the Murdock home with bloody hands and is scared for what she had done. Five days earlier she was approached by Mr. Fear who blackmailed her to get Milla released from the psych wards custody in exchange to have his special perfume removed from her and that she can be together with Matt. DD uses fire from a blowtorch on Ox's shoulder, followed by extreme force on the pressure point to make sure that Ox can confess by being more afraid of him than Mr. Fear.

After DD leaves, The Hood frees Ox who asks for a phone, and DD attacks Mr. Fear's hotel suite with no luck of finding him. Returning home, he finds the injured psych ward nurse and Milla shaking uncomfortably in fear. After Milla is hauled off by the police, Matt denies Foggy's request for assistance, having realized that Lily was at his house due to her scent from Mr. Fear's perfume. DD confronts Lily at her place. A shaken Lily reveals that she did it because Mr. Fear had intimated her and that he is meeting someone at midnight. Mr. Fear encounters The Hood and Ox at a bar, where The Hood kills Mr. Fear's bodyguards. Just before the two fight each other in a standoff, The Hood instead states that they must come to an understanding.

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