Quote1.png So go ahead, hit me some more. It means nothing...everything you do means nothing. 'Cause I beat you weeks ago, you just didn't know it. Quote2.png
-- Mr. Fear

Appearing in "Without Fear (Part 6)"

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Synopsis for "Without Fear (Part 6)"

While DD decides to use his Radar Sense to expand his heightened sense of hearing in hopes of finding Mr. Fear's voice amongst anyone else's, Mr. Fear informs The Hood that the turf war he started against him was actually intended to get at Matt Murdock all along by creating massacre on the streets. While The Hood explains that Mr. Fear isn't looking at the bigger picture and he could've aided him in this quest, he questions if Mr. Fear can really defeat him, explaining that his lookout reports that DD is heading in their direction. After sending The Hood and Ox away, Mr. Fear faces DD alone. They at first fight on a rooftop, until Mr. Fear jumps off the rooftop and though DD saves him with his Billy Club's grappling hook, Mr. Fear cuts the line and crashes into a building which is part of his trap, as it is loaded with his fear gas.

Due to his recent experience, DD is able to overcome the gas and defeat Mr. Fear and demands he cure Milla and Melvin Potter. However Mr. Fear reveals the truth: there is no cure! Revealing that is why he killed the chemist, and DD can't kill him since he is the only one who can tell the police what really happened to Milla. Turning him over to Detective Krutz, Cranston confesses that he is responsible for Melvin and Milla's recent action and claims he did it to Matt Murdock because he does not like him.

In the aftermath, Milla is sent to live in a mental institution, with Matt hoping the doctors can cure her. Outside Matt and Foggy meet up with Dakota North who reveals her Interpol contact has confirmed that Lily Lucca has disappeared and dropped off their radar. After recollecting on what Mr. Fear said, Matt quietly tells Foggy that he is responsible for ruining Milla's life. Cranston is happy as his reputation has given power over the guards and convicts in Ryker's Island. Observing Matt in his apartment from a distance, The Hood suggests to his newest henchman Ox not to do anything yet, since he wants Murdock to feel this moment of victory.

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