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Quote1.png I've got a coat that still smells exactly like my father. Have to keep it in a box in my attic. If I smell it--up close--it's like he's still here...just for a minute. Quote2.png
Matt Murdock

Appearing in "Sympathy for the Devil"

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Synopsis for "Sympathy for the Devil"

Matt's friends, Ben Urich and Foggy Nelson, are worried about his mental well-being in the wake of Milla's institutionalization in a mental hospital. Matt hasn't been at work for over a month and his activities as Daredevil have taken an especially violent turn. When Dakota North drives Matt to visit Milla, he is told by her doctor that he can't see her because his visits seem to be undoing her recovery. Matt and Dakota stop at a bar for a few drinks and Matt tells her that his keen senses make it harder for him to forget those he has loved and lost. Just as Dakota thinks she might be getting through to him, Matt starts a fight with a man at the bar who is planning a robbery--Dakota gets him outside, but he takes off as Daredevil, leaving his clothes in the street.

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