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Appearing in "Lady Bullseye, Part Four"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Milla Donovan (Mentioned)
  • Stick (Mentioned)
  • Mr. Donovan (First appearance)
  • Mrs. Donovan (First appearance)
  • David Roth (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Lady Bullseye, Part Four"

Matt is enraged that Milla’s parents have claimed custody over her, but Foggy says they did so legitimately. Soon the Donovans arrive to talk to Matt. As they squabble about Milla, Matt begins to suspect that their lawyer, Maki Matsumoto, might be Lady Bullseye.

They produce Matt and Milla’s divorce papers and also photographs of Matt sleeping with Dakota North, saying it is clear he holds no affection for Milla anymore. They insist he turn over custody of her to avoid a protracted court battle. Matt doesn’t want to give in to them, but also doesn’t want to drag Dakota into the public eye.

Back at her apartment, Maki Matsumoto is attacked by Hiro who grabs her from behind and scolds her for operating a scheme against Murdock against Lord Hirochi’s orders. She slays Hiro with his own sword, saying no one is her master and he should never have laid hands on her.

Meanwhile, Black Tarantula goes out looking for White Tiger, while Iron Fist and Master Izo go to a gambling den to draw the Hand's attention. BT finds White Tiger fighting a group of Hand ninjas and leaps in to join the battle, but when he is off guard, she turns on him.

Matt tries in vain to reach Dakota on the phone, and returns to his apartment to find four dead ninja. Realizing what has happened, he turns to find Black Tarantula and White Tiger, both possessed by the Hand, and ready to attack him.


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Daredevil: Lady Bullseye.

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